How to make tapered table legs.

The legs for this table are made from ordinary 1x8 boards. Each was cut to 29 inches to set the leg length. A single cut was made on each piece.

A 'one inch' board is actually 3/4 inch thick. To set the size of the leg bottom to 2 inches, mark the board at 2" in from one side. On the other end of the board (opposite corner), mark 1 1/4" from the end. Draw a diagonal line and cut.

Notice that piece 'B' is longer than 'A' at its narrow end. 'B' is also longer than 'A' at the wide end!

When 'A' is turned around and butted against 'B' (see dotted line), both the top and bottom of the leg will be 'square'.

Drill holes through 'B' and into 'A' and screw the two pieces together to form the leg.

This will work regardless of the position of the two marks as long as they differ by the thickness of the wood. The line between the 2 marks does not even have to be straight since only the uncut sides of each piece need to fit together.

Luhan Monat