Note: This device is part of the XNET home network system. See the page on Home Networking for how to power and interface to this device. Any modifications, such as to rework it as a 'stand alone' device are up to you.

The clock/console module acts as a coordinator for some network communication.

Although this network protocol is 'point to point' (data goes directly from any module to any other module), it is sometimes convenient to send data to the console for further action. Messages to the console always start with '/C1' this is followed by the designation of the sending module and any other extra data that is needed.

Often the console module will take action by sending data to other modules. For example, the Temperature module may send '/C1F1B78' indicating at temperature of 78 degrees from sensor B on temperature module F1.

The console then issues a command to the video module '/M1T24 73 78 89 90' placing the 4 accumulated current temperatures on the video monitor at screen location 24. Since the console controls where the video text is placed on the monitor, it is easier to keep stuff from running into other stuff on the screen.

The console is too much of a 'moving target' to document all of its transaction here. You will just have to plow through the Source File for all the dirty details. Here are the Object (hex) and Layout files.